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What the Color of Your Living Room Says About You

You prefer certain colors. Perhaps you have a favorite shade that graces your living room perfectly and makes you smile.

Ever wonder what the color of your living room says about you?

Yellow, Orange, Peach and Pink

When you surround yourself in these energizing and inspiring colors, you are invigorated. These cheerful and welcoming tones stimulate conversation and connection.

If you like yellow, you are a ray of sunshine and an inspiration to others.

If orange is your color, you are warm and friendly and people are drawn to your magnetic personality.

If you love pink, you have a rosy personality and remain young at heart.

Blue, Lavender, Green

Soft, cool shades are clean and fresh, and they remind us of the depth of the wonders of nature from lake water to green grass and the bluest skies. Ground yourself in the colors of nature.

If you like green, you are in tune with nature, vibrant, affectionate and loyal.

If purple is your color, you have a royal grace about you, and you are creative and unique.

If you love blue, you are reliable and you appreciate balance and harmony.


Neutral tones offer a permanent, classic look designed to endure. It’s earthy and comforting.

If you like brown, you are grounded and a good friend who appreciates the simple things in life.

If black is your color, you are artistic, sensitive, and alluring.

If you like white, you are organized and logical. And a penchant for gray means you are open-minded, and ready to explore many possibilities.

Red and Fabulous

More flashy and glamourous tones of ruby and other jewels are confident, creative, and energizing.

If you love red, you love life with a passion, and endeavor to live it to the fullest.

These tips are courtesy of Palliser, one of the nation’s top home furnishings brands. See our selection of Palliser home theater furniture here.