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Rec Room Buying Guide

Having a recreation room in your house is guaranteed fun and great times for all. The process of converting an existing room into a game or rec room and filling it with the best games, furnishings, and entertainment pieces that your space and budget allow can be a fun process as well. Use this guide to help make the right decisions as you build the rec room of your dreams.

Planning Your Rec Room

Depending on the size of your rec room space, there are a few things you’ll want to consider prior to adding any equipment and furniture that will get the fun started.


The first thing you’ll want to consider is space. Ensuring the proper layout for your rec room activities will be vital to you, your family, and friends getting the most out of it, all while accounting for safety. For instance, if you’re adding a pool table, you’ll want to make sure the area is double that of the pool table to ensure proper and safe play.

Scioto Valley recommends measuring the existing room to ensure the layout you want will work. If you have a larger rec room, you may want to tape down the dimensions of furniture and game tables to get a visual idea of the layout prior to moving everything in.

You can always take dimensions and/or photos of the room to Scioto Valley, and a design consultant or one of our other experts will make recommendations based on the sizing. Contact one of our design experts.

Your rec room may have a pool table at the center, or it may be large enough that you’ll need to denote zones for different areas: pool table, bar, TV/home theater experience. No matter how large or small, you’ll want your plan in place to make creating your rec room easy (with no surprises!).


Some of your games may require additional accessories, and Scioto Valley is proud to carry everything you’ll need to create the ultimate entertainment space.

Whether you need ping-pong paddles, pool cues, replacement darts, somewhere to hold or store your game parts, or even game rulebooks, we’ve got you covered!

We also carry an extensive line of pool table lighting options to make sure your billiards games and rec room are lit perfectly for both fun and safety.

Outfitting Your Rec Room

The most important part of making sure your game or rec room will be a blast for everyone is what you fill it with. The three primary rec room categories to consider are games, recreational tables, and furniture.

Take a look below for just some of the great options Scioto Valley offers that will make your rec or game room the talk of the town on a budget that works for you.

Rec Room Game Tables

Pool & Billiards: The classic game table, and a fun option for anyone, no matter their skill level. Whether you’re looking for contemporary or traditional styles, get the pool table of your dreams from top brands like American Heritage, Brunswick and Plank & Hide. Remember: You’ll want an area double the dimensions of the table in order to have a safe and adequate playing space for cues.

Ping-Pong & Table Tennis: Whatever you prefer to call it, it’s a great time for everyone. We also have conversion tops to turn your world-class pool table into a world-class ping-pong table. This is another game where you’ll want to make sure you have some space around the table to account for swings and saves. Game point!

Poker & Game Tables: If you think of more than a cocktail when someone mentions “gin” or “rummy,” you may be the kind of card shark that would love a poker and card game table. We’ve got great options, so we know you’ll have exactly what you need, whether you want it to double as a dining table, have lots of drink holders, or a serve as a Texas Hold ‘Em table with extra space to accommodate a large amount of guests.

Rec Room Games

Foosball: Another high-paced family game that is somewhat more economical when it comes to size.

Shuffleboard: For those who appreciate slowing down and relaxing, a shuffleboard table is the perfect way to have hours of fun without causing too much of a ruckus. Not to mention, they can be adapted to include up to 4 players. We carry a variety of shuffleboards in 12’ and 14’ options and an array of styles, so don’t worry about finding one that will fit right.

Air Hockey: A great option for some high-paced family fun, and adaptable for 2 or more players so the whole family can join in. We’ve got a variety of options to find the table that will have your whole family saying, “Score!”

Darts: Let the fun fly with an affordable, high quality dart board. Have a great time, but remember: Safety first! It’s best to put your dart board in a low traffic area of the room, away from doors and tables where people are less likely to gather or walk through.

Arcade Games: The ultimate finishing touch to any rec room that will definitely get a high score from everyone. Whether you want a table top, cabinet, or classic stand up arcade console to play Pac-Man or Golden Tee, you can find it at Scioto Valley.

Rec Room Furniture

Home Bar: Top off your rec room with a home bar that will add a great aesthetic, and provide space for serving drinks, food, and more when you’re entertaining. Scioto Valley has a wide variety of home bars to choose the perfect one to complement your room.

Couch: If your rec room doubles as a family room with a TV, don’t forget Scioto Valley's large collection of practical, comfortable, and affordable couches. You’ll want at least the amount of spaces for your family, if not a few extra for company and extra comfort. Like to recline? We’ve got both reclining chairs and couches that will have you sitting on cloud 9.

Chairs: An important part of any fun, relaxing rec room is plenty of places to lounge. Additionally, if you plan to have a bar as part of your rec room, Scioto Valley carries a great line of bar stools that you’ll love.

Pub Tables:The perfect addition for your home bar. A pub table both looks great and creates additional space for guests to gather around when entertaining.


Some of your games may require additional accessories, and Scioto Valley is happy to carry everything you’ll need. Whether you need ping-pong paddles, pool cues, replacement darts, or somewhere to hold or store rulebooks, we’ve got you covered! Additionally, we also carry an extensive line of lighting options to make sure your rec room is appropriately lit for both fun and safety.


Last, but certainly not least, you’ll want to properly maintain your games, recreational tables, and rec room furniture so you and your loved ones can enjoy them for years to come - without losing any of the quality from the first day you brought them home. The best way to get everything is to discuss it with a Scioto Valley expert who will be able to help you get everything you need, whether that’s a pool table cover, brush, or anything else.


If you have questions, get in touch with us. We’re happy to help you choose the perfect game or rec room furniture.