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Aqua Smarte Virtual Value Pack

Aqua Smarte

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Aqua Smarte uses a combination of minerals to keep your pool cleaner, and your chlorine levels lower, for up to 2X longer than chlorine alone. The Virtual Value Pack is a Watsons.com exclusive bundle that contains everything you need to get your pool up and running and ready for season-long summer fun! 

With the exclusive Aqua Smarte Virtual Value Pack, you get everything you need for your pool. Built exclusively for our Aqua Smarte system, you'll receive 6 Bac Pacs, a Mineral Activator and a Pool Awake system. This kit has everything you need pre-bundled, so just add it to your online cart. Aqua Smarte Delivery System or Aqua Smarte Plus Docking Station Sold separately. 

About the Aqua Smart Mineral Activator:

The Aqua Smarte Plus Mineral Activator sanitizes, neutralizes, protects your pool water with an EPA-approved combination of minerals, designed to prevent bacteria and double pool chemical life. With Aqua Smarte, your pool water will maintain a healthy pH balance without the need for monitoring or frequent testing, while the mineral formula continuously replenishes for soft, safe water that shines all summer long. Your Aqua Smarte Plus Mineral Activator will last the full season, or up to 6 months. Learn more HERE.

  • Maintains pools up to 25,000 Gallons
  • Mineral formula includes water clarifiers for added sparkle
  • Chlorine lasts 2X longer with Aqua Smarte Minerals
  • For use with the 2.4 lb. MizerMax Pac

About the Aqua Smart Bac Pac:

Your Aqua Smarte Plus MizerMax Bac Pac releases the minimal chlorine chemicals for maximum water sanitation. The MizerMax controls water flow to automatically dispense the lowest amount of chlorine possible, while keeping your pool water protected and your swimmers safe. When used properly, the MizerMax cuts chlorine usage by nearly 50%, and a safely sealed packs mean that you'll never have to touch, measure, smell, or lift heavy chlorine chemicals again. HERE.

  • Maintains pools up to 25,000 Gallons
  • Compatible with new and original Aqua Smarte Plus systems
  • The pre-filled Cycler Pac means no more chlorine handling
  • The MizerMax control dial precisely meters out the right amount of sanitation for each pool
  • The Cycler Pac keeps chemicals dry to improve service life and reduce chemical usage

About the Aqua Smart Pool Awake Pool Opening Kit: 

This three-step system has everything you need to wake up your pool and Ready, Set, Go this spring season: Start with Aqua Smarte Plus to get your pool Ready with Shine, formulated to remove unwanted contaminants from your pool. Then, Set your pool chlorine levels with Aqua Smarte Plus Optimize. Finally, it's time to Go with Aqua Smarte Plus Cannonball!, which prevents pool algae with a 90 day guarantee. Take the mess and guesswork out of opening your pool this season with the Aqua Smarte Plus Pool Awake! system from Scioto Valley. HERE.

  • Convenient pack for spring openings
  • Gets your pool swim-ready within 24 hours
  • All components are recyclable once you've finished dispensing
  • Cannonball! is backed by a 90-day algae protection manufacturer guarantee

Please Note: Aqua Smarte Delivery System or Aqua Smarte Plus Docking Station - Sold separately.

More Information
BrandAqua Smarte
  • 6 MizerMax Pacs
  • 1 Mineral Activator
  • 1 Pool Awake! Convenience Kit - Includes Aqua Smarte Plus Shine, Optimize and Cannonball! (1 of each)
  • Sold Separately: Aqua Smarte Delivery System or Aqua Smarte Plus Docking Station
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