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6 Steps for Small Outdoor Spaces

1. Lay the foundation

When decorating a small balcony or patio, begin with an outdoor rug; it’s a great way to add a pop of color and create a foundation that delineates the space.

The key is to get the largest rug that will fit. Visually, this will make the space look and seem much bigger!

2. Include pieces that do double duty.

Small mobile storage ottomans are great pieces that can serve more than one purpose on a small outdoor deck: they can act as extra seating, a place to rest your feet, or a spot to set a tray for entertaining.

3. Arm width for the win.

If you have a larger space, there are L-shaped sectionals that work well when pushed up to the back corner of an outdoor deck railing ... and there’s still enough space to pass through in front of it.

The key with outdoor sofas in small spaces is to make sure that the arms aren’t too wide; it’s wasted space.

4. Add a bar or bistro.

If you have a small balcony, there are some great small-scale bistro sets with a table and two dining chairs that the space can easily accommodate. There are also pub-height tables that are small in diameter with matching bar stools that can work on a small porch.

5. Be bold.

An outdoor space is the opportunity to have some fun with color. Incorporating bright hues and bold patterns makes even the smallest of porches feel well-designed. Outdoor throw pillows, outdoor rugs, ceramic planters, and garden stools are all ways to spice up your outdoor space with pops of color!

6. Green it up.

Always add something green. Whether it’s a slim profile tree in a planter or several smaller planters filled with plants grouped together, greenery adds life to any outdoor deck or patio.

These makeover tips are courtesy of Libby Langdon, designer, author, and Today Show contributor. She contributes to Chicago Wicker. Browse their collection today.