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5 Things to Consider When Buying a Patio Umbrella

Wishing for some more shade this summer?

An outdoor umbrella is an essential piece of patio furniture. It protects you from excess sun exposure, keeps you cooler, and makes your yard more attractive. When it comes to finding the right outdoor umbrella, here are some essential tips:

1. Coverage

Whether you plan to shade a full table or just a pair of chairs, aim to cover an additional two feet on each side.

If you have a circular table that’s three feet in diameter, you’ll want an umbrella that's at least seven feet in diameter.

2. Height

Although most outdoor umbrellas average seven or eight feet high, if you or someone in your family is on the taller side, you might want to go higher.

Testing this in-person will make all the difference.

3. Fabric

Don’t forget to coordinate your new umbrella with your other patio furniture.

You don’t have to match everything perfectly, but keep the other pieces in mind so your new umbrella doesn’t clash. To ensure your patio furniture and umbrella match perfectly, you may want to choose from the same manufacturer.

4. Tilt Method

As the sun changes positions in the sky, it’s important to be able to change the position of the umbrella. You can generally pick between a collar tilt, crank tilt, and a push-button tilt; these vary in ease of customization, so you may want to try models out for yourself before you buy.

5. Additional Features

The final decision you will have to make is what, if any, additional options you want.

Alternating panel fabrics, a double air vent, valance, or a silkscreen are just a few options to personalize your umbrella.

A select number of umbrellas even feature built-in lighting underneath. Not only will they be able to keep you cool during the day, they’ll also help create ambiance in the evening.

Ready to shop for your new patio umbrella? Browse our patio umbrella collection to find the right style, color, and size today.