Liquid Pool Shock - 4 Pack (1 Gallon Containers)


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Keep your pool water clean and safe, with this pool shock. Comes with 4, 1 gallon containers. Please note: This item cannot be shipped.

Please note: This product is available for online ordering with local pick-up ONLY.

Champion Packaging & Distribution Inc.'s Pool Shock is the perfect shock product for treating your pool water. With a variety of benefits, you can be sure your water is clean, clear, safe and healthy, day in and day out. Champion Shock benefits include:

  • Instant gratification when added to pool – No wait time to swim.
  • Does not cloud the pool
  • Ready to use – No mixing is required
  • Less expensive to use than granular
  • No settling on the bottom of the pool which creates stains
  • No scaling – Scaling from granular can lead to excessively high calcium/stabilizer levels which can cause scaling
  • Liquid pool chlorinator is one of the best options to reduce cyanuric acid levels

Recommended Use

You can use Liquid Shock to kill algae and bacteria, keeping your swimming pool safe and looking its best. You can use it for your pool's weekly shock treatments or everyday chlorination; this can vary with the size of your pool. It is also compatible with salt water and all styles of pools. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Liquid Pool Shock Work? 

Yes, it is a highly concentrated form of chlorine that clears cloudy pools, eliminates bacteria, and removes algae. It is an excellent product you can use to maintain and sanitize water for indoor and outdoor pools.

Is Liquid Chlorine the Same as Granular Shock? 

Liquid chlorine and granular shock are not the same. While both share similar characteristics, they have some key differences. For example, liquid chlorine and granular shock are both considered unstabilized chlorine. They are also highly concentrated, allowing them to control algae, kill bacteria and clear your cloudy pool quickly. 

Unlike liquid chlorine, granular shock does not come in liquid form. Instead, it is a solid that dissolves in water. 

What Is Pool Shock? 

Shock is a general term for products that increase the available free chlorine level of your pool, spa, or hot tub. Shock can refer to liquid chlorine, granular shock, or bromine concentrate. You can use it at the first sign of bacteria and organic contaminants in your pool or hot tub. 

Pool experts recommend regularly shocking your water to lessen the chance of algae and organics from growing. All these elements can affect your water, making it unsafe to swim. 

Can You Pour Liquid Shock Directly Into the Pool?

Yes. You can pour it directly into the pool, spa, or filtration system.

What Is the Difference Between Liquid Shock and Bromine? 

Liquid chlorine, or sodium hypochlorite solution, tends to be the better option when it comes to keeping your swimming pool clean. Liquid chlorine contains no cyanuric acid, or chlorine stabilizer, making it a great choice if your pool's cyanuric levels are high. 

Bromine is similar to chlorine and works best for hot tubs. It does not have the same strong smell as other pool shocks and is less harsh on sensitive skin. However, bromine is generally more expensive and is not stabilized, making it a poor choice if your pool or spa is directly in the sun.

Why Is It Important to Use Chlorine in Pools?

Pool chlorine tablets, chlorine bromide, and other forms of chlorine are essential products to keep your pool water safe from toxins that can harm the structure of your pool and individuals swimming in the water. In addition, they help to maintain and lower the pH levels in your pool or spa. 

Visit Scioto Valley today to speak with one of our specialists about the best chlorine tablets and other products for your pool, spa, and other water features. 

Other Pool Necessities 

Some other helpful pool necessities are filters, pool chlorine tablets, and a testing kit to check the total alkalinity and pH levels. Visit a Scioto Valley for all your pool and spa accessories. 

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  • Hazmat product
  • Shipping not available
  • Free local pick-up available
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