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Premium IG-570-BH

By Finnleo

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Premium IG-570-BHPremium IG-570-BH
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Premium IG-570-BH | Finnleo


The benefits of heat bathing become tangible once you’ve experienced an authentic Finnleo traditional sauna or far-infrared sauna room. Muscles relax. Aches fade away. Heart and circulation improve. Calories are burned. Skin is renewed. Tension and discord slip into harmony. Body and soul are refreshed.


The Original Premium Line set a new standard in infrared sauna design and performance. The IG-570-BH is superbly designed, has high quality craftsmanship and materials, and is loaded with standard features. Suffice it to say, “Nothing is missing.” Though competitors try to copy the IG-570-BH design, it simply cannot be duplicated. With innovative heating technology combined with patented design – the IG-570-BH offers supreme value.


  • Dimensions: 52”D x 52”W x 77”H
  • Electrical requirements: Plug-in, 20 amp/120 volt outlet
  • Model shown is in Canadian Hemlock



Why Finnleo?

Finnleo® is the market leader and has the most complete line of traditional and infrared saunas. From entry level portable saunas, to deluxe custom saunas with custom lighting, custom benching and multiple wood choices and styles, Finnleo® has a sauna for every taste and budget. Finnleo® is Saunatec®, which has a history dating back to 1919, when the company was established in Wyborg, Finland. Our parent company produces more sauna heaters worldwide than any other company--bar none.


Today, Saunatec® Ltd has the largest and most advanced sauna heater and sauna room manufacturing plants in the world. In addition, we have the most extensive research and development program of any sauna manufacturer — to provide you with products that are innovative, yet true to the ancient traditions of sauna and steam bathing.

SKU 27039
Shop By Brand Finnleo
# of People 3 Person
Heating Type Infrared
Sauna Voltage 110 Volts

 With its 5-sided design and a footprint of 52” x 52”, this sauna can fit into almost any space.





Premium Infrared Saunas Include the Following Standard Features:
  • Saunatec CarbonFlex heating system, integral with wall panels and bench support panels – with the largest surface area in the industry, providing the softest heat, evenly dispersed from all sides (no hot spots; no cold spots).
  • Prefabricated wall panels, finished inside and out with clear T&G Canadian Hemlock or clear Western Red Cedar – for a sauna with “furniture quality.”
  • Fast assembly with no tools – with wall panels mounted onto an easy-fit base and topped with easy-fit ceiling panel.
  • Exterior surfaces finished with biodegradable wood treatment – for a more luxurious look and for ease in maintenance.
  • Saunatec digital control system mounted inside and out. Controls include: on/off, interior light switch, exterior light switch, color therapy light switch, bench seat heater on/off, time and temperature controls.
  • AM/FM/CD/MP3 stereo system (DVD and TV Monitor in E-Series), with unique “drop down” system (stereo and TV recede into ceiling panel), and with easy-to-use remote control.
  • High quality, heat-proof stereo speakers pre-installed in ceiling panel
  • Pre-built Hemlock or Cedar benches with integral bench seat heaters
  • Built-in Hemlock or Cedar floor with integral in-floor heated ceramic tiles
  • Deluxe all-glass door. All sidelight windows and doors use only tempered safety glass.
  • All models except Model 100 & 300 include integral magazine rack
  • Low-voltage mini-spot lights installed in the ceiling; roof overhang includes integral exterior mini spot lights (E-Series has recessed fluorescents on overhang).
  • Integral color light therapy system
  • Wall-to-Wall backrests, designed for user comfort and safety.
  • Super-easy installation (less than ½ hour for most models) with pre-wired heaters, lights and stereo.
  • All sizes can be plugged into a 120 volt household outlet.
  • CarbonFlex heating system’s large surface area efficiently emits soft heat with quick heat-up times, yet is simply plugged into a standard 120-volt household outlet (no electrician’s required; simply plug-in and enjoy).
  • ETL listed “as a complete plug-in room” – for safety and reliability
  • Industry leading warranty backed by America’s #1 sauna company

Finnleo Sauna Maintenance Tips

The following is a general guide. For more specific questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.


STEP 1: Refrain from paint, varnishing or staining the interior parts of the sauna with any normal paint or varnish. The wood needs to be able breathe adequately. Artificial finishes on the wood can create a much hotter surface - resulting in the possibility of fumes from the wood treatment, and take away some of the “softness” of the heat and steam penetrating the wood.


STEP 2: The simplest method of sauna maintenance is to keep a hand brush near the sauna door. The last person out dips the brush in the water bucket, and does a quick scrubbing on the benches, walls, backrests, etc. This 30-second ritual will keep your sauna looking great indefinitely. This will prevent the need to use anything stronger than clean water on the wood portions.


NOTE! :  If you do not follow STEP 2 closely, consider using our sauna wood cleaning kits, Bacterinol, or paraffin oil treatment kits.


STEP 3: Once your sauna is clean, prop the duckboards off the floor. Ensure that you leave the sauna door open so that it can be aired out completely. The heat that is left in the rocks and in the wood will dry the sauna completely after some time.


STEP 4: If dirt or sweat stains develop (if STEP 2 is not performed often enough), use a hand brush with warm water and with a mild detergent. To make your benches look new again, you can lightly sand your benches approximately once a year. Doing so will whiten them back to thier “like new” condition. If mold develops anywhere (i.e. on the duckboards), you can clean with bleach or our Bacterinol sauna cleaner.


STEP 5: Depending on how often you use your sauna, it may be beneficial to occasionally wet mop the floor using a liquid deodorizing cleaner. 


These easy-to-perform maintenance routines will keep your sauna inviting, fresh-smelling and 

enjoyable to be in!



What is the best temperature for a sauna?

The appropriate temperature for a sauna depends on your preference! Most people prefer to enjoy their sauna at temperatures between 150-175 degrees Fahrenheit for traditional saunas and 120-130 degrees Fahrenheit for infrared saunas.


How long should I stay inside a sauna?

While this, too, varies between individuals - one can usually stay in the sauna until they begin to feel uncomfortable. Typically, remain in the sauna for about 10-15 minutes and then take a break to cool off for several minutes. Then you can feel free to return to the sauna for another "inning." A Finnleo sauna experience can be truly relaxing and rewarding, but don't stay in the sauna for extended periods of time. Set the temperature and humidity level (if you are using a traditional sauna) to your ideal level. If you begin to feel dizzy or uncomfortable, simply leave the sauna and cool off.


What should I do after sauna heat bathing?

After your sauna, cleanse your skin via shower or bath to remove any and all residues or salts left behind. A quick rinse will close your pores once again and is the perfect way to end your sauna experience. It is recommended that you moisturize your skin with a high quality moisturizing lotion. It's also ideal to shampoo your hair afterward. Don't forget to drink an adequate amount of water, mineral water, fruit or vegetable juice to replace fluids that were lost during your heat bathing.


Is it okay to pour water on the rocks of Finnleo traditional heaters?

Pouring water on the rocks of Finnleo traditional sauna heaters is perfectly fine and is an essential aspect of the overall experience! For infrared saunas, however, the humidity will be ambient.


Are there any health problems that I should be concerned about?

Be sure to consult your personal physician if you have any history of heart problems, high blood pressure or any other health problems before enjoying any kind of sauna.


What are some of the most notable benefits of using a sauna?

Relaxation is by far the most cited benefit from regular sauna bathers, followed closely by the positive effects seen from detoxification.



Materials and Installation


Does my sauna need to have a drain installed?

No, not necessarily. That said, it may be more convenient for cleaning purposes - especially with our traditional saunas.


What kind of floor is best for a sauna?

For traditional saunas, the best kind of floor for a sauna is cement, tile or anything that doesn't absorb water. For infrared saunas, wood or tile is perfect. Carpet, however, should never be used - as it absorbs sweat and odors.


What heater size is appropriate for my sauna?

To find out the appropriate heater size for your sauna, measure Length x Width x Height to find the cubic footage. Next, find the correct heater on the Finnleo or Helo heater sizing chart. On the infrared saunas, the ideal amount of emitters and wattage has already been calculated for each room.


What type of circuit breaker should be used for my sauna?

Standard breakers should be used. They should be sized for the heater in to correspond with the National Electric Code. Standard Infrared saunas, however, can be easily plugged in to normal household 120 volt outlets (15 and 20 amp).


Why are so many different wood choices recommended?

There are many variables to consider when choosing the appropriate wood choice for performance in a given sauna. All the woods used in our saunas have been used for hundreds of years and have long proven their viability for sauna use. Wood choice is also largely contingent upon user preference and style. We hand select clear softwoods such as Western Red Cedar and vertical grain Canadian Hemlock and fine-grained European woods such as European Alder and Nordic White Spruce. We then complement these choices by matching bench materials which enhance the sauna user's comfort levels. We determine the most ideal profiles, thickness specifications, framing materials, hardware - and give you a product that is built to perform and to last. Our warranties and decades of experience will give you further piece of mind when considering our wood choice expertise.



How long, on average, does it take for a sauna to fully heat up?

A traditional sauna generally takes between 30 and 45 minutes to fully heat up. During this time, the rocks will be heated to the perfect temperature for soft heat and soft steam. With the addition of a Saunatonttu heater, the sauna heat up time is halved. It akes about 10 minutes for an infrared sauna to heat up. After 10 minutes, the air has warmed up a little and the emitters are running at full power.

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