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Gentry | Champion


Champion Shuffleboard introduces the Gentry. With the quality craftsmanship that is standard with Champion Shuffleboard,  the Gentry is ideal for any home or office. And like the Qualifier it ships in easy-to-construct parts allowing it to be moved or stored.  The Gentry comes with a maple veneer cabinet allowing for a customized stain. And, has hand-crafted solid maple legs.



• Solid maple cabinets
• Polymer finish playfield (needs no resurfacing)
• Patented Handicap Scoring
• Makes game play faster and allows players of different skill levels to play each other

SKU Gentry Shuffleboard-6092
Shuffleboard Table Brand Champion

Why Champion?


Champion Shuffleboard has made three major contributions to the shuffleboard industry which have influenced this comeback. The first is the "Lifetime Polymer" finish. The 1/4" thick polymer coating is applied over the maple playing field. This polymer eliminates the need for sanding down and refinishing which can be a yearly headache with other styles of boards on the market. It saves the game owner valuable time and money which has in the past been spent on maintenance of the game. The "Lifetime Polymer" finish provides a fantastic playing surface which players have come to expect and is guaranteed for the life of the game board.


Champion's second contribution was our patented "Handicap Scoring." The traditional 1-2-3 scoring remains on Champion's games along with the 1-2-3-4 Handicap system. This is great for people who enjoy a faster paced game or when a novice is playing an experienced player. The novice uses the "Handicap Scoring" while the experienced player uses the traditional scoring, resulting in a more fair and challenging game. 


The third contribution that Champion has made to the shuffleboard industry is our "Talking" scoring unit. Players are cheered and jeered on by amazing sound effects while the triangular design makes it possible for both scores to be seen from anywhere in the location. Players and bystanders enjoy this exclusive feature.

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